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Thinking Outside The Box Made Easy

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The best ideas are born of “Aha moments.” They randomly strike you in the shower or when you’re sitting in traffic and all of a sudden that problem you were trying to solve has been resolved. That unpredictable moment of genius is what gets things done. But how do you sustain that when being a brilliant problem solver is your job and you’re required to generate innovative strategies all the time. You can’t just manufacture those aha moments, right? Or can you?


When you see the forest but not the trees

At a certain point, staring at the same problem can make you myopic. When you’re trying to integrate numbers from a variety of sources, you see the forest but not the trees and vice-versa. You lose perspective when you are too close. You need one of those “struck by lightning” creative breakthrough moments and you’re sure if you just keep at it, something brilliant will come to you eventually. But deep down, you know it won’t. And you’re right.


Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em

Ultimately, you need to know when to walk away. Take a nap. Turn off. Distance yourself from the problem at hand. You need to unplug from the problem to plug into the solution. You need to get up and move around to shake loose the “stuck” feeling in your head. You need to create your own “aha moment” by walking away.


A New Perspective

With distance comes perspective but it won’t get you all the way there. New skills can facilitate more effective problem solving too. Neurofinancial principles help you look at problems in a different way and can bring better solutions. Book your free 20 minute consultation and find out how growing your financial acumen can help you solve problems in your business more effectively.


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