How Can Neurofinance Shape How You See Financials?
» » How Can Neurofinance Shape How You See Financials?

How Can Neurofinance Shape How You See Financials?

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We’ve already explained how neurofinance combines neuroscience with strategies to decode decision-making patterns and read the story in financial statements. But what does that really mean in practical terms? How will neurofinance shift the way you see numbers and how can that help you get ahead in your career or grow your business?


Finance: More Than Numbers

Many people are intimidated by financials because they think it’s all about numbers, when that’s not entirely the case. If you don’t feel like you are a “numbers person” this perspective can make financial tasks feel more daunting than they need to be. Thanks to neurofinance, financials aren’t just columns of figures that you need expertise to mathematically process and understand – that might as well be written in hieroglyphs. Through a neurofinancial lens, financials are about people and they can help you tell a story. This approach is much more palatable to the “social brain” – or the non-number specialist. A lot of executives feel they know a lot about people but not as much as they would like to about financials – but neurofinance can change all that.


Neurofinance: Understanding Yourself and Others

So how does neurofinance change the way you see financials? The financials of a business can provide you with a great deal of valuable insight about people and their relationships. For example, someone with training in neurofinance, like myself, can tell a lot about the personality of a business leader simply by looking at their financial statement. Neurofinance changes how you see numbers and also helps you understand people even better than you already do. This is incredibly useful information in the context of negotiations.


Accessing The Neurofinance Advantage

Would you like to have a neurofinance edge to take you further in your business? Book your free 20 minute consultation to find out how we can help you see financials differently and use that insight to your advantage.

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