Known for her fierce commitment to acting with integrity at all times, Steph Sharp has spent the last 30 years developing innovative, sustainable, financial solutions for business leaders.

Since 1994, Steph has successfully completed deals worth in excess of $20 billion for more than 400 companies in 23 countries worldwide in sectors ranging from banking to utilities, from hospitality to healthcare, using her unique expertise in financial analytics to understand the human behavior that drives businesses.  Steph’s deals have included 41 startups, IPOs, mergers, acquisitions, private financing, and large, complex outsourcing for public sector companies with the largest deal involving assets worth $10 billion.

Additionally, Steph’s passionate commitment to empowering non-financial leaders with financial acumen has led to the extensive research and development of Neurofinance tools, allowing leaders to better understand and grow their businesses. Since 2004, she has trained over 300 executives, directors, and business owners, becoming the catalyst for their significant career advancement and job satisfaction.

With the launch of the new portfolio of digital products Steph continues to expand her commitment to creating massive shifts for leaders in negotiations, in finance, and in their careers.