Financial Acumen Training designed for you.

We believe

…creating a brain-friendly program, customized using your financial statement, is the fastest and most effective way for you to gain insights into your business. That’s why we’ve dug deep into the emerging field of Neurofinance to bring you the latest behavioural and neuroscience research on how successful leaders learn, solve problems and makes decisions. When it comes to understanding and analyzing financials, in order to accelerate your business and career growth, business leaders want experience based financial training and immediately useful financial acumen tools.

Who could benefit from financial acumen training?

If you are a successful business leader who…
  • dreads looking at financial statements or reports.
  • has recently changed roles, companies or had a promotion and is overwhelmed by suddenly being required to deal with far more data than ever before.
Financial Acumen Training helps you...
  • UNDERSTAND the story in your financial reports or statements.
  • SPEAK the language of finance with your CFO, accountant, and other colleagues.
  • DRIVE the bottom line, improve your financial results, grow your business faster.
  • ENHANCE your business acumen.
  • ACCELERATE your business, career or negotiation.

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Financial Basics

When it comes to trying to gain an objective diagnosis of the business, no tool is as powerful as an organization's financial reporting. Learn how to quickly and painlessly understand the story in your financial statements.

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Financial Literacy

Customized confidential one-on-one sessions where you learn how to quickly and easily analyze your financial reports, empower your natural leadership ability and gain breakthrough insights into your business.

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Financial Acumen

Improve your growth strategy, make better business decisions, mitigate risk and consistently deliver value by developing advanced financial acumen through one-on-one customized confidential coaching.

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What is Financial Acumen Training?

Learn how to

  • Cut through complex problems and data reports to more effectively take advantage of growth and cost-savings opportunities.
  • Drive a better bottom line by aligning cost and business strategy in day-to-day decision-making.
  • Optimize deals by creating more compelling offers and better value propositions from the competition.
  • Navigate risk and regulatory complexity.
  • Gain credibility with the ability to speak to the numbers.
  • Increase ROI by leveraging expertise throughout the organization and focusing it on financial decision-making.
                                                                                 ✓ One on one training 
                                                                                 ✓ Neurofinance Empowered Tools
                                                                                 ✓ 100% Customized Programs
✓  Team training sessions
✓  Real time problem solving
✓  100% Confidential


Become your company's most valuable asset.

Gain an objective perspective of the business.

Generate innovative insights using the numbers.

Use real time analysis to assess financial statements in meetings and negotiations

Earn higher revenues on projects.

Use financials to enhance your expertise.

Accelerate your business strategy with an in-depth understanding of the numbers.


The White Paper on Neurofinance

In the interest of expanding industry knowledge on Neurofinance*, I am putting together a White Paper. If you have interest in learning more about this research, have expertise in this field, or if your business is interested in being a case study for furthering the research on how neuroscience can be used to decode the decision making patterns of your organization's leaders, as divulged in your financial statements, then we have lots to chat about. Please feel free to make an appointment for a 20 min call at your convenience

*Neurofinance: Combines neuroscience with strategies to decode decision-making patterns and read the story in financial statements.

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